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Part of being GOFT means taking care of yourself. And that includes going to the dentist. Nobody sees somebody with chipped, yellow teeth and thinks “I want to be like them/with them” [see thesuperficial.com’s post about Vanessa Paradis being Gollum]. Lucky for me I have a dentist that I am obsessed with. As I was walking to the office down Fifth Ave, my typical rage toward the tourists who decide to just stop in the middle of the sidewalk [seriously not cool, guys] was because I actually wanted to get to my appointment.

Part of this is probably because I go to the “zentist”. This is something only people in New York would come up with. Instead of the normal dentist chair, you get your cleanings on a massage table (complete with pillow under your knees). Instead of the sexy clear plastic protective glasses, you get a cool lavender scented eye pillow. And while you are getting your teeth cleaned, you get to listen to new-age spa music. But that’s not the only reason why I love my dentist. He is simply awesome. He is attentive, on-time, and does excellent work. Not only that, but he will go the extra mile to make sure you are uncomfortable for the least amount of time.

Not only do I get my gold star for going to the dentist today, I get another one for buying a much-needed fancy electric toothbrush to help keep my teeth clean. This toothbrush is no joke:


I also pre-scheduled my next cleaning so I don’t forget it. Talk about brownie points. Except not actual brownies since those have lots of calories. So fake brownie points πŸ™‚


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