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started out well

Today started out well. I was feeling good and decided to try having a nice light breakfast. I started with a Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus in Blended Coffee. The drink was definitely delicious and had a ton of protein. However, it also is very sugary.

I also decided to try my first Blueprint juice. AMAZING. This juice was delicious, strong, and super flavorful. I tried the lime ginger lemon agave drink (pictured below) and it was perfect. I am definitely excited to try the Blueprint Cleanse after my vacation.

And then there was lunch. I was going to be good but we got Japanese at the office and I was craving a Bento box. So that happened. But I’m still a work in progress so I’m going to cut myself some slack on this one.

I also resurrected my vitamin regime from my brief stint on the Perricone Weight Loss plan and you can see the vitamin pack below:

This is what I’m taking twice a day. It’s mostly fish oil and it isn’t so bad (minus the fishy burps)


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