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organized + frugal = eBay

My latest obsession:eBay.

Yes, I realize that I’m about 10 years behind the trend. But eBay is rather amazing. I’m currently going through my closet selling my old clothes, shoes, and purses on eBay and it is completely addictive. I find that I’m more aggressive about selling things on eBay than I would be if I were donating the items. I think this is because I feel guilty. Guilty about the amount of money I have spent on things that I am not using. Guilty about the number of items in my closet that I have not worn. Guilty about the waste. But this is why I am loving eBay: the ability to undo the bad purchasing decisions that I have made. I am able to turn some of these bad decisions back into cash. And hopefully somebody else is enjoying and using the times that were just sitting in my closet.

Currently I have sold 5 purses and listed one pair of shoes. I also have some dresses that are still new with the tags on them that I am going to be listing after the holiday.

I have decided that I am going to save my eBay earnings and turn them into something fabulous. I have yet to figure out exactly what I want to buy with the earnings, but some ideas that I’ve had are: this gorgeous, classic black wool coat from Neiman Marcus, a blueprint juice cleanse, or to start saving for a bigger investment piece. Either way, I am turning my excess into cash.


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