get fit

what is goft?

Excellent question.

GOFT is something of my own creation. It is an acronym that I came up with during the significant amount of time that I had to think while enduring a weeklong blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy. It stands for glamorous, organized, thin, frugal and it embodies my personal definition if my best self.

Lately I have not been taking care of myself. I have been eating any/everything, not going to the gym, drinking more than I ought to, and feeling generally lazy and unhealthy. My apartment feels like a tornado of stuff and sometimes my insatiable materialism and need to acquire more things scares me.

But rather than accepting that things are becoming out of control, I have decided to tackle things head-on. Each of the elements of GOFT is going to be a continual goal to achieve but I am starting to make changes to help me work toward improving myself in each area.


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