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The first part of GOFT is glamorous. What does this word mean to me? Of course the first thought of “glamorous” women are the waif-like strikingly beautiful women that grace the pages of fashion magazines. But that is not what normal people could ever look like. And while I would love to invent photoshop goggles (or we could just stop correcting vision problems) that doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon. Neither does me getting my own hair/makeup/styling team. But what can I do to get to glamorous?



1. Stop leaving the house in crazy outfits

I love my sweatpants. Probably too much. But sweatpants, whatever sweater I can find, and house slippers isn’t really an outfit. Even if I am just walking the dog or running to get coffee. Yoga pants should probably only be worn for actual yoga.

2. Accessorize

What makes a woman in a magazine/advertisement look better than a normal woman? An abnormal amount of accessories. She has a belt, a scarf, a necklace, and no less an ten thousand bangles on. While I don’t want to add so many accessories that it reduces my ability to function, I could definitely benefit from some elements of flair in my wardrobe (#officespacereferencesareamazing)

3. Invest in quality pieces and a tailor

Nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting garment. Plus it usually involves a whole bunch of fidgeting and tugging at clothes (see any bridesmaid wearing a strapless dress at a wedding). And there are two main reasons clothes are ill-fitting: they never fit in the first place or they have become unrecognizable after washing. The clothes that never fit in the first place are the worst. They are the “this will look better in 5 lbs” clothes; the clothes that were purchased after a juice cleanse/massive hangover; the clothes that are purchased at the insistence of the sassy salesperson telling you that you look “fabulous”. But there’s hope: a tailor. A great tailor. This is why celebrities always look good. They (apparently) have a tough time finding clothes that fit perfectly. So they invest in tailoring each and every garment. Then there are the clothes that become unrecognizable after washing. I recently purchased a cotton dress at an inexpensive store that was a nice normal dress. The second time I wore the dress (after the first washing) one of my coworkers complimented me on my high-low dress….except the dress I purchased had a normal hem. While the dress was a great deal at $17, it is actually expensive when you consider that you will only get one wearing of the garment as you purchased it. My resolution is to stop buying $17 dresses and start investing in pieces that will stand the test of time. And get them tailored.

4. Identify a personal style

One of my coworkers wears exclusively black. While this sounds like she would look like Morticia Addams, she actually looks quite chic. Why? Because she has a clearly defined sense of style. I feel like my personal style is all over the map. I will not be going the monochromatic route (although it would make laundry easier). But I do want to clearly define my personal style and start working to develop a more cohesive look.


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