get fit

and now for the thin

I’ve struggled with my weight since… forever. I have always been on the larger side of life (with a few brief periods of personal triumph). I can’t seem to figure out something that works for me long-term. I am of the philosophy that almost any “diet” works. Works in the sense that if you follow it, you will lose some amount of weight. (*asterisk here. When I say “diet”, I mean something that resembles something based in logic/science/reason.) I have tried no-carbs, vegetarianism, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, South Beach, the Perricone Weight Loss Plan, calorie restriction, and more. Pretty much everything out there. And nothing has really “worked” for me in that I apparently have little willpower.

I take that back. This isn’t about willpower. This is about choices. And I just make generally bad ones when it comes to food. I believe that most of this is because I view food as a reward and as a coping mechanism. Bad day? Have some cookies. Good day? Have some cookies. Cookies are apparently the answer to everything (including why can’t I fit into my pants anymore?). I wish that this was one of those things that came easily to me, but sadly it just doesn’t.

My typical pattern is this: start a diet. then either (a) don’t see immediate results and give up because “what’s the point anyway?” or (b) see results and then loosen the reins without immediate consequence. this usually results in a backslide which inevitably ends in a trip to Old Navy buying “fat-pants” since I got rid of my old ones after swearing I would never be that big again. [Aside: It’s interesting that I never throw out my “skinny” clothes realizing that I wouldn’t get back into them… I’m clearly the eternal optimist.] But I am done. For realzies. I just need to figure out something that is going to work beyond my needs for immediate gratification and that I can stick to for more than the requisite 3-4 months.


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