5 easy ways to save $100 a month

Fall is here! And that means Christmas is basically around the corner (96 days to be exact). And while I am enjoying everything pumpkin spice (BASIC), I am also starting to save for my Christmas presents. I want to be able to give my family amazing presents without incurring extra credit card…
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recipe: lightened up potato salad

It’s officially summertime. Which means it’s BBQ season!

One of my favorite things to eat at a BBQ is a delicious potato salad. Who doesn’t love all those delicious carbs covered in creamy mayonnaise? Nobody. Except when they have to get back into their summer shorts or bathing suits. …
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fun recipe: poop emoji cookies

Yes. You read that right. Poop emoji cookies. These cookies are not what I would call “healthy” but boy are they fun. I made them as decorations for my nine-year old stepdaughter’s birthday celebration. Her favorite saying is “aw poops” so these were perfect. She’s obsessed with the poop emoji….
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this week’s meal plan – week of 1/11

Things have been crazy for me. Add the normal holiday craziness with closing on our first home and moving and I’m completely spent.

It’s been hard to me to get back into a routine. I haven’t been eating well and I just started working out regularly.  Between the holidays and the stress of …
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beauty review: dr.brandt do not age triple peptide eye cream

I will readily admit that I have horrible under eye circles. Sometimes I joke that I look like a vampire. Except it’s not funny.
I’m always looking for the latest thing to help me get rid of my dark circles so I was really excited when I got a deluxe sample of Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Triple…
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